• John Meldrum

Welcome to Brave Dad Now!

Hello and welcome to Brave Dad Now! We are a new organiztion that is on a mission to end suicide among divorced men. This issue is not widely talked about and there are limited resources in helping men overcome the negative effects of divorce. Men are 8 times more likely to commit suicide after divorce and there are virtually no programs in place to help them. I personally have suffered through divorce and watched my friend take his life. Yes he had his faults and was not perfect but no one should ever be pushed to the point where they feel like suicide is their only option.

My friend Colby

I could do little to support my friend as I was battling my own demons due to divorce. I remember thinking that my kids would be better of if I just didn't exist and actually planned out how I would do it. When you are this depressed your mind is sick and needs serious help which thankfully I was able to receive in the form of therapy @bridgescounselingcenter. I was able to receive a voucher from my church and was the reason I was able to afford it, If it wasn't for that and my kids, I would not be here today, So I feel strongly that all men should be able to receive some type of assistance in recovering from divorce whether that's legal, financial, or therapy.

Chick-fil-a day!

Every day I'm alive is a gift and everyday with my kids is a blessing.

Tomorrow is a new day and I invite you to come on this journey with me as we build something truly incredible.

-Brave Dad Now

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